Russian Prime Minister Vladimir Putin accused the United States, 25 desire to dominate the world, "the United States need not allies, but the client states," adding that the end The tool is used in the internal affairs of other countries questioned the legality of the program. And President Dmitry Medvedev said that Russia's new ambassador in the United States Michael McFall should understand that even though he was working for the United States, but he does not work in the United States.

Putin met with students in Tomsk and lasted about three and a half hours, towards the end, he talked about foreign policy issues. A student asked the West to Kazakhstan's negative reaction to the recent parliamentary elections and any possible related.

Putin replied: "This doctrine of the U.S. diplomatic and they want to control everything, and I have openly talked about the TV connection problem, I have this feeling from time to time is not the ally of the United States need, but tributaries .

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