Select over SCV building a Manufacturing facility, if it is not done nevertheless for reasons uknown. When you can drive the actual Terran for you to end his / her Manufacturing facility, better still! You don't wish Birds dance your Zealots.

If the Terran does find a way to end the Manufacturing facility, move right for his SCVs in the minerals. A good Terran will lot up his SCVs using one nutrient spot along with invasion immediately. Merely move your current Zealots rear prior to the SCVs possess distributed apart yet again.

Pump motor Zealots from your 2 Gateways, and ensure to create a lot more Probes as well as Pylons back tough. If the Terran did not wall membrane in for some cause, run together with 3-4 Zealots. In the event you mini your own Zealots appropriately, you have to be capable of overpower an early on Terran.

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